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If care is taken not to cut too deeply, the underlying wraps will protect the bound object from being damaged by the knife. The constrictor and double constrictor are both extremely secure when tied tightly around convex objects with cord scaled for the task at hand. If binding around a not fully convex, or square-edged object, arrange the knot so the overhand knot portion is stretched across a convex portion, or a corner, with the riding turn squarely on top of it.

Those recommendations aside, constrictor knots do function best on fully convex objects. If the constricted object such as a temporarily whipped rope ends very close to where a constrictor binds it, a boa knot may prove a more stable solution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Constrictor knot Left: constrictor knot Right: double constrictor knot. Step 2 of tying Cross constrictor knot : simple knot, sides pulled to form 3 loops.

Step 3 of tying Cross constrictor knot : simple knot side loop folded over the middle loop. Step 4 of tying Cross constrictor knot : the far side loop folded over the simple knot. Final step of tying Cross constrictor knot : object thru the 3 loops. For additional discussion see Ashley , p. See Cable lacing Styles. March Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, , A Letter to Lester.

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Allen, p. Henly Publishing Co. Retrieved 4 May Bight Loop Turn List of knots List of knot terminology. Chain sinnet Sheepshank.

Oh, the ever-popular pineapple turk's head. This one is best made with coreless paracord as well.

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Technically a form of a turk's head, this knot has a nice even wavy appearance. Looks very nice with two or more colors. This tight knot is nice and thick. Another option for finishing off the ends of your handle wrap. Looks good with coreless paracord. Paracord Guild strikes again with this good tutorial. Not often used as a handle wrap, this knot has a nice finished look that is hard to beat.

A great way to finish off the end of your wrapped handle. This tight weave makes a tight, uniform handle wrap that is definitely worth the extra time it takes to make it. Get started by reading our photo tutorial or watching our video tutorial.

Constrictor knot

Often used as a tangle-free method to store thick rope or power cords, rows of this knot can be linked together, making a good wrap for wide-diameter objects, such as a water bottle. This method is very similar in concept to crocheting. This wrap is quick deploy. You can also wrap each pass of the knot around your handle for a drastically different look that looks more like hitching.

Another Paracord Guild tutorial. This handle wrap has a distinct bumpy texture that gives a firm grip to round handles. Instructions here. This complicated wrap looks especially amazing with a small diameter rope or paracord.

You will probably want a turks head knot on the end to finish this one off. Be prepared for your fingers to be numb. A tight wrap requires a lot of rope-pulling. Youtube instructions for the pictured one here.

Yukata Experience in Kinosaki Onsen

While these wraps can be adapted to many applications, some of them are better suited for either round or flat handles. The pictures should give you a pretty good idea of which are which. With any of these wraps, tightening as you go is important. However, if you used paracord and get to the end of your wrap and it is still a little loose, soak the handle in warm water for a few seconds to shrink the paracord and tighten the weave. Did I mention that you can now find coreless paracord in our store? Some of these weave require the use of fid needles.

Here is our current list of paracord colors and sizes. Be sure to check back as we are frequently adding more! Am I missing any handle wrap varieties? We would love to hear about any others that you have seen or used!

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It's a great way to join the Paracord Planet community, as well as many others! The 25 Best Paracord Handle Wraps. While most people might be looking for handle wraps for their survival knives, handle wraps look good on most anything: Steering wheels Axe handles Oars Walking sticks Bows Rifles Luggage handles Coffee mugs Jeep grab handles Stethoscopes We're not kidding!

And many more! Quick Release Common Whipping This method is merely a wrapping of rope around and around a handle. Katana Wrap Katatemaki Very popular as a Japanese sword wrap, this method looks great on flat and rounded handles. Put the end of the string that is in your right hand through the loop that you have made with your left. The right hand end should come towards you as it goes through the loop. Bring the right end up and around the left end that should be pointing up since you created the loop with it. Pull the right end back through the loop.

Tutorial 2: Basic Tie

This time the end should go away from you. Pull the two ends away from each other so that the knot is tight.

How to Wear a Yukata

Tie a square knot. Square knots are also called reef knots. The square knot is a simple, handy knot for temporary ties. Cross the end in your right hand end A over the end in your left hand end B so that the rope forms an X. Wrap end A so that it goes under end B and comes up again.