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Stone's Throw Down in RVA 12222

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Throw Down Your Arms

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Throw Down Your Stones : A Walk of Obedience and Sacrifice

Pick one stone up, then the remaining three stones: Repeat level 1 but pick up 3 stones after putting the 1st stone aside. Pick all four stones up: Throw down all 5 stones. Toss one stone up, drop all remaining stones before catching it, then pick them all up: With all 5 stones in 1 hand, toss up 1 stone and drop the other 4 before catching the falling stone. Then toss the stone up again and pick up the other 4 before catching the stone again. Throw 1 in the air and swap the one in your hand with another on the ground, then catch the other stone before it lands.

A stone's throw definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Repeat the same with the rest of the stones. You'll be left with 2 stones in your hand.

Toss up the 2 stones left in your hand, pick up 1 stone from the ground, and catch the 2 falling stones separately with 2 hands. Repeat until you are left with 3 stones in one hand and 2 in the other.

Throw Down Your Arms Lyrics

Throw the 2 stones in your hand and catch them separately in both hands. Throw the single stone in one hand and catch it with the other hand with all the stones.

Opponents get to choose which stone you start with. Your opponent selects a stone to be thrown in the air. You have to pick up the selected stone without moving others then toss it into the air. Pick up all the 4 remaining stones at the same time then catch the falling stone.