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The Treatment of Horses by Homoeopathy

This has been an extraordinarily helpful book to me over the 25 years I've had it. It has certainly saved many thousands of dollars in veterinary costs in that time and I can think of one occasion where it may well have saved a horses life that had started bleeding profusely a couple days post castration.

While we awaited the arrival of the vet I looked up bleeding, and we happened to have the remedy the book won't do you a lot of good in an emergency unless you have a reasonably comprehensive kit on hand. By the time our vet arrived the bleeding was vastly diminished and the horse went on to be just fine.

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Among the many situations this book has been helpful in, one of the most outstanding uses has been Macleod's remedy protocol for navicular syndrome. This isn't my only homeopathic resource, but it is an old favorite.


And homeopathy isn't the only holistic modality I use for the horses, but it also is an old fave. I recently purchased it on Kindle, so now if I've got my phone, I've got the book :.

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  7. This is the edition revised and published in So it does not have info on treating any of the diseases in the last 12 years. It also does not have cribbing info. All the animals I see are failures, they are referred to me because conventional veterinary treatment has failed. If an animal I see responds, then we have done something. How can I do this for 40 years and not be uncovered as a fraud?

    The Treatment of Horses by Homoeopathy by George Macleod

    Word would get out. Chris Day, son of vets, came to homeopathy at an early age. He insists his early adoption of homeopathy was not to satisfy some youthful sense of rebellion. I was an establishment person. My whole practice has been put on a very professional basis because I am not a rebel. The membership-based British Veterinary Association is firmly opposed to the use of homeopathy. It attempts to remove from the veterinary domain a vital form of medicine which affords relief to patients when other therapies are ineffective, and it attempts to do so by spreading misinformation. The RCVS, while yet to produce a formal response to the petition, believes homeopathy should be used alongside conventional treatment, rather than as an alternative.

    While this is the case it is difficult to envisage any justification for banning a small number of veterinary surgeons from practising homoeopathy. Day smiles again. Why should we discard that?