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It is a stem-changing verb with minor irregularities. Here are conjugations for some of the most common tenses:. Siento que muero cada vez que haces eso. Notice how the conjugation for nosotros in the preterite tense is similar to the conjugation of nosotros in the present tense. Also, notice the o-to-u stem change in both the third person singular and plural conjugations. I'm freezing. No te vas a morir por ayudarlo a limpiar la casa. It is easy to understand why people may not like to talk about death; however, there are many idiomatic expressions in Spanish that refer to this action.

Here are some expressions that don't necessarily contain the word morir but certainly refer to it in the most particular ways:. Al borde de la muerte. This one, like the English phrase, is used before people die; especially when they are on their deathbed. While this might not be a fun word to learn; it is a useful verb to remember. Its conjugation is simple and with just a few irregularities. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.

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In Costa Rica and Panama they tried to do the same. But they do and that is why wherever you go, the Americans are hated. I see once again, your mentality guys is if it is not in English or as in USA it is not god and you are the best and the champions right? Or am I wrong? I know this because I traveled and as a Canadian in Mexico and wherever in the World, where I have been, Brazil,Morocco, Hawaii, Thailand, Greece, Spain etc etc, they often take us as Americans and they often hate the Americans and we are victims of it so I know that well and they are always pointing out the American Empire mentality as to be rude with us taking us for Americans.

The day you guys will accept and understand that, the World will live much more in peace. I meant …did translate. I changed my text and did not correct myself. But lot of what you say there is no other option but to find another title because the English American one just makes no sense in French or Spanish or implies a pun or way to speak that does not exist but only in English and often only in American English not even in Australia, England and sometimes not even is in Canadian English.

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Sometimes they even have to find another title for English Canada even if it is apparently the same language but they do not always have the same slang and culture even in between USA and English Canada part. I hope you got it. This I learned from a friend who studied Filmmaking. In Mexico the titles of the movies are given by a focus group based on the synopsis, not the movie itself. Great post! Here are some of my favorite examples:.

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Hahahaha, thanks so much for this. I believe a sub-genre?

Morir Spanish Verb Conjugation

And that one earns double points for the sexist subtext. I mean, really? Hola y gracias por leer! The majority of these examples are from Latin America specifically Mexico. Oh, the spanish titles are best? El gran peque se va de ligue Patrick Read Johnson, La semilla del Diablo Roman Polanski, Jing wu ying xiong Fist of Legend?

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Jet Li es el mejor luchador Gordon Chan, Beverly Hills Ninja? La salchicha peleona Dennis Dugan, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?

Michel Gondry, Love the Jet Li example. Well, I think most of these translations are far better and more creative than the English originals… many of them even sound lame in English to begin with. One recent one is Life of Pi. I finally got around to Google-translating this one. Hey Gustavo, thanks for reading amigo.

Good question! Usually when some important written information appears, they have a guy quietly say it in Spanish as a voiceover. I think I know what you are talking about. They would have the voice over when there is a sign in English indicating a location or a warning sign.

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I never thought of it as odd, you get used to it, but I imagine how weird must be in a movie, especially a thriller. Hi, Dicker.


I love your site and I enjoy it a lot. I am leaving a comment for the first time to see if you or any of your followers can help me find one particular thing: have you ever seen a translated version of an American movie preferrably into Spanish in which a sign, notice, letter or any other written material has been replaced for a translated one, instead of just adding subtitles or a voice-over read? In other words, an example of a movie in which the translators have actually altered the original film -however slightly.

Thanks for the making this list Dicker. I am learning spanish and found it very funny to read. Thanks for reading amigo and good luck with the Spanish. Haha, thanks Alex for sharing those other examples. Curribarcelo: Then how can you explain the language mess within the actual movie. I really hate Mexican translated movies. Thanks Nicolas, I had no idea it happened with books also! Yup, all these translations were aimed at Latinamerican countries.

As a translator and subtitler, I must say that the translators are never or practically never in charge of the title of the movie. This task is usually done by the Marketing or Sales department, or any other person in the publisher or distributor, who thinks they know so much English, they understand what everything is about. Unfortunately, it is always easier to blame the translator. On the other hand, Dicker, I would like to know where did you take these titles. Maybe your examples were for Latin America.

So, well, that is the only thing I wanted to say. Have into account that translating a piece of text is not easy. If translating a document is difficult, imagine translating a movie, where the original is English, a language with many words that are monosyllabic i.

Now you tell me how am I going to fit a three-syllabe Spanish word into the split-second-pronounciation of an English word. So, as you may think, pretty difficult to try to find the shortest words and sentences, so that the translation fits in the same time-lapse than the original English.

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