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It was filmed in Tuscany , Italy, during a summer holiday from Oxford University. In , she appeared as Christian Bale 's love interest in Prince of Jutland , a film based on the Danish legend which inspired Shakespeare's Hamlet , [28] and starred in the murder mystery Uncovered. Shortly after leaving Oxford University in , Beckinsale starred in Cold Comfort Farm as Flora Poste, a newly orphaned s socialite sent to live with distant family members in rural England. Beckinsale was initially considered too young, but was cast after she wrote a pleading letter to the director.

She became romantically involved with co-star Michael Sheen after meeting during play rehearsals. It was my first-ever play and my mother had cut out reviews of him in previous productions. And then he walked in It was almost like, 'God, well, I'm finished now.

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That's it, then. He's the most outrageously talented person I've ever met. Beckinsale's Emma is plainer looking than Ms. Paltrow's," she is "altogether more believable and funnier. At this point in her career, Beckinsale began to seek work in the United States, something she has said wasn't "a conscious decision My boyfriend was in a play on Broadway so that's why we ended up in New York, and my auditions happened to be for American films.

The Whit Stillman film focused on a group of Ivy League graduates socialising in the Manhattan disco scene of the early s. Beckinsale's attempt at an American accent was widely praised. In , Beckinsale appeared opposite Claire Danes in Brokedown Palace , a drama about two young Americans forced to deal with the Thai justice system on a post-graduation trip abroad. A then year-old Beckinsale played a young girl. Beckinsale's partner, Michael Sheen, hit Northam on the film set after he followed Beckinsale to her trailer to scold her for forgetting a line.

Beckinsale and Mr. Northam, who are better than their American counterparts at layers of emotional concealment," adding each beat of Beckinsale's performance "registers precisely. Beckinsale rose to fame in with a leading role in the war film Pearl Harbor as a nurse torn between two pilots, played by Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett.

She was drawn to the project by the script: "It's so unusual these days to read a script that has those old-fashioned values to it. Not morals, but movie values. It's a big, sweeping epic You just never get the chance to do that.

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Women feel disturbed when they see someone's too pretty. It wasn't exactly like I had my nipple rings in.

I just didn't have the confidence to put that into perspective at the time. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly praised "the avid eyed, ruby lipped Kate Beckinsale, the rare actress whose intelligence gives her a sensual bloom; she's like Parker Posey without irony. Affleck and Ms. Beckinsale do what they can with their lines, and glow with the satiny shine of real movie stars.

Beckinsale's second film appearance of was in the romantic comedy Serendipity as the love interest of John Cusack. It was filmed directly after Pearl Harbor and Beckinsale found it "a real relief to return to something slightly more familiar.

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She found their sex scene awkward because she knew Bale well: "If it was a stranger, it would have been easier. Holden found the film "superbly acted, with the exception of Ms. Beckinsale, whose tense, colourless Alex conveys no inner life. Beckinsale became known as an action star after playing a vampire in 's Underworld.

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The film was markedly different from her previous work, and Beckinsale has said she was grateful for the change of pace after appearing in "a bunch of period stuff and then a bunch of romantic comedies," [93] adding that "It was quite a challenge for me to play an action heroine and pull off all that training when [in real life] I can't catch a ball if it's coming my way.

In Beckinsale starred in the action horror film Van Helsing.

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  • She was "so surprised" to be appearing in her second action film in two years. Scorsese decided to cast Beckinsale because, "I've always liked her. I've seen all her work, and I was glad that she agreed to audition. Ken Tucker of New York Magazine said she played the part "in full va-va-voom blossom" [] while LaSalle felt that she manages "to convince us that Ava was one of the great broads of all time. In , Beckinsale reprised her role as Selene in the successful vampire sequel Underworld: Evolution , directed by her husband.

    The opportunity to play a mother "was one of the things that was attractive to me" about the part. Beckinsale then made a return to smaller-scale projects: "My experience is that I sort of stepped away from the independent movies and did a couple of big movies. But that's not necessarily how it's perceived by everybody else, which I do understand.

    Staff writer, The Wall Street Journal

    The harrowing film, in which she played an overwhelmed single mother, put Beckinsale "in kind of a tough place. Hard as she works to convince us otherwise, it's a stretch to believe that a woman with the kind of poised confidence in her own beauty she manifests would wind up with an underachieving mouth breather like Glenn. Also in , Beckinsale appeared alongside Luke Wilson in Vacancy , a thriller set in an isolated motel. Sarah Jessica Parker was originally cast in the part, but she dropped out before filming began.

    In , Beckinsale appeared in Winged Creatures , a film about how six different witnesses cope with the aftermath of a shooting. Beckinsale played a waitressing single mother in an ensemble cast which included Dakota Fanning , Jennifer Hudson , and Forest Whitaker. Also in , Beckinsale starred in Nothing but the Truth as a journalist who refuses to reveal her source. As part of her research for the role, "I spent some time at The L. Times with some female reporters, and I spoke to Judith Miller about her experience I really researched the hell out of that one and it was an amazingly fulfilling, brilliant experience.

    It was filmed in Manitoba , Canada. Beckinsale was excited by the opportunity to work with De Niro, whom she had first encountered "years and years ago when I just had Lily and he was putting together a reading of The Good Shepherd. Beckinsale returned to acting in with appearances in three action films. Beckinsale first appeared in the action thriller Contraband.

    She had a supporting role as the wife of Mark Wahlberg 's character, a former criminal who gets forced back into a life of crime after his family members are threatened. Beckinsale next reprised her role as Selene in the fourth instalment of the vampire franchise Underworld: Awakening. The film, directed by Michael Winterbottom , was inspired by the case of Meredith Kercher. Club felt her "charismatic" performance was wasted. The film revolved around her character, a wry and calculating woman named Lady Susan, as she pursues a wealthy and hapless man for marriage originally intended for her daughter, though she eventually marries him herself.

    The film was universally acclaimed by critics [] and found commercial success in arthouse cinemas. Also in the year, she starred in the horror film The Disappointments Room , opposite Mel Raido , both playing a couple in a new house that contains a hidden room with a haunted past. Reviews for the film were mediocre, while it found a limited audience in theaters.

    Club found Brosnan and Beckinsale to be "vastly more interesting by the twin virtues of not disguising their voices and fitting so poorly into the sad-faced melodrama this movie wants to be". Beckinsale has worked occasionally as a model. Beckinsale had an eight-year relationship with actor Michael Sheen from until They met when cast in a touring production of The Seagull in early and moved in together shortly afterwards.

    She remarked in "He's really dear, close family. He's somebody I've known since I was 21 years old. I really love him a lot. Beckinsale met director Len Wiseman on the set of 's Underworld. Dana, a kindergarten teacher and Wiseman's then-wife, claimed infidelity in Budapest. Beckinsale is a smoker. I've never been drunk even. I've never taken drugs. I've never had a one-night-stand Beckinsale had claimed that the Daily Mail invaded her and her daughter's privacy by publishing photographs of the actress embracing and kissing her then new boyfriend Len Wiseman.

    Kate Moore b. In she was awarded B.

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