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When someone consistantly backs out of arrangements , meetings, social events, gigs and life altogether. Always highly unreliable, can never be trusted to be somewhere. People of this nature generally have a small penis as they cannot bare the shame of being out in public where everyone around them have bigger penis'. Chris would have met up with his friends today but being a cop out , he stayed in and watched child anime porn then played with his sisters.

Vaughan is such a cop out!

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Failing to provide an expected and well-thought out solution. The boyfriend failed to deliver the flowers that his girlfriend expected to receive on her birthday. She was upset, and thought to herself: "Why did he copout on me? Refers to any pathetically-threadbare "easy-but-ineffective solution" excuse used to maintain the infamous " blue wall of silence " and avoid having to terminate or at least adequately discipline a morally-delinquent officer for grossly unacceptable actions.

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Collins English Dictionary. Word origin. US , Slang 1. All rights reserved. US noun Slang the act or an instance of copping out, as by confessing, reneging, quitting, etc. Example sentences including cop out.

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    Definition of cop out from the Collins English Dictionary. Quick word challenge Quiz Review. My sisters moved even farther away from home.

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